Interview with Tinee / Sieben Morgen

Tell me something about yourself and „Sieben Morgen“. How/ When/ Why did you start out?
+++ I graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Nuertingen near Stuttgart in 2001 and work as free lance artist ever since. I never wanted to be anything else. Around 2003 I became obsessed with printmaking, especially linocutting. As I am not able to keep my hands still, my home and studio soon began to fill up with piles of papers, prints, canvasses, all kind of artworks and whatnot. So I thought it would be a good idea to launch SiebenMorgen, a small label to offer hand printed paper goods, linocut prints, original artwork and other souvenirs from my printmaking studio. This was in 2007 and keeps me going every day, seven days, seven mornings a week.

Your work is inspired by animals, especially birds have taken a shine to you – why?
+++Well, first of, believe it or not, there's one living in my head! And it never ever shuts up...peep peepz :) Second, after living in the city for years, the little house and garden I now live in has become my beloved paradise and first hobby in years! It's a good place to be. I love to watch them birds, how thought- and careless they move through the air and their tiny life. They don't think, they just fly. Or like David Bowie sings "'cause they are free of thoughts...and pure...and kind.."

Where do you get your inspiration from?
+++WHew, the world is full of inspiration, just look around! I have been very lucky and able to travel a lot in the past years. Especially my travels to China and Japan made a major influence. I have studied east Asian art intensely and I am still hoping to become a master in woodcut printmaking one day. One of my favorite European artists is old dutchman Frans Hals, his work always makes me smile. I just love to hear good stories and I am very thankful to have met so many interesting and different people in my life so far. All my friends and my family inspire me a lot.

Thank you Tinee!

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AnnLuise said...

hey Sophie,
ein schönes Interview ist das mit Tinee und ihren Siebenmorgen. Mir gefällt die Idee und die Umsetzung deiner Seite sehr gut. Ganz viel Erfolg damit. Falls ich mit dazu beitragen kann, ... ;-))

Juliane Spingler said...

very nice interview.
i enjoy your blog very much

jodii said...

thanks for your compliments! i´m pleased!