Every piece of this great, unique ceramics is designed and made by Elizabeth Prince. Her inspiration comes from many places, everything from nature to architecture, from to history to contemporary culture, from antique lace to modern art. Elizabeth often tries to combine very contemporary elements of design with a classic element. In this way, She hopes that the pieces will stand the test of time.


Kid a collective

Kid a collective was conceived as an umbrella brand for modern design projects for children made by Maria and her friends. As they began their families, they naturally became more interested in children's products, fashion, toys and other design, and kid a collective is an outlet to produce and test out ideas. Before starting kid a collective, Maria trained as a sculptor and curator, and was a collection researcher for a contemporary art museum in London


Hannah Nunn

Hannah Nunn designs and makes BEAUTIFUL papercut lamps and shades. She is inspired mostly by the natural world and the amazing structure of plants and flowers. She also loves lighting and am happiest in the evening in the cosy glow of her living room with her family and cats! Hannah has a lighting shop in Hebden Bridge, UK, where she sells her own work and other lighting and crafts by designer/makers.


Lisa Bengtsson

After Lisa Bengtsson finished her studies she opened up her own company working mainly as a pattern Designer, but also with graphical design and illustrations. Her biggest inspiration comes from people, their behaviors and how they live or used to live their lives. When she creates her patterns she always tries to find an idea where she can put in her own values and thoughts into the project.


The Moustache Memo

The moustache has throughout time been associated with various characters, from the gentleman to the seductive tango dancer. To honour it, men have started secret clubs and organized competitions. The moustache has fascinated us throughout the history and given its owner a subtle way to express himself. The Moustache Memo is a tribute to all of you who stand proud with your moustaches! In Moustache Memo you have a moustache for every taste, from the grand handlebars to the more Dalí inspired.
Found at Designista!

Hung-Ming Chen

After studying design and working within the home electronics industry in Taiwan, Hung-Ming applied to Konstfack in Sweden. He is now attending his last semester there, and is already making a name for himself in design Sweden thanks to his innovative and functional design.


Elsa Wikander

Elsa Wikander is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Elsa has been working in design since 2005. She was educated at the graphic design school Forsbergs in Stockholm and has worked for theatres and magazines etc. See more of her great work at:


DCartesianos was born in 2004. Laura started making things (t-shirts, skirts, broochs, dresses...) she would like to wear. She loves vintage patterns, bright buttons, bows and colourfull stuff. Everything is handmade one by one.

www.dcartesianos.blogspot.com (in spanish)


Carla Nuis

These beautiful and fragil rings are made by Carla Nuis, a goldsmith from the Netherlands. Carla casts a form of fresh picked daisies from plaster, burns it and fills them with gold and silver. Every ring is unique.



Bags, napkins, towels...at Dawanda and Etsy!


They are looking for a new home.

Miniature cute and friendly bunny is looking for new home! Perfect little buddy to drink tea with or travel (he is smaller than your finger, so easily fits into the most of the pockets).
Buy at: www.elze.etsy.com

Eight Seasons

Eight Seasons is a brand new Etsy shop full of great designed bags. Made by two women from Estonia, inspired by nature and the change of the seasons...



Are you hungry? Handprinted neck scarf made of 100% silk. Made by Punktata, buy at Tschau Tschüssi!

Moustache time!

Lupin is an Etsy shop, run by Laura Howard, who makes handmade felt brooches and accessories (not only moustaches...). Laura loves tea, so the equation of her business is:
Felt + Time + Tea = Handmade Loveliness