Evelin Kasikov

Evelin Kasikov (born in Estonia) is a London based graphic designer with several years of industry experience. Recently graduated from the MA Communication Design course at Central Saint Martins, she is currently working freelance on various print and editorial design projects. With a specific interest in book design and typography her work reflects an appreciation of beautifully crafted design and attention to detail.

Handmade halftone screens: CMYK embroidery

Handmade halftone screens: duotone

Printed Matter is a project about craft within the context of graphic design. It is a unique set of books, which combine cross-stitch embroidery and printing processes. These books are about tactile visual perception. My main influences come from Swiss typography, Dutch book design and Estonian language - in no particular order. By mixing high and low tech, screen based media with slower crafts, Evelin investigates different ways of seeing and experiencing visual messages.
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