Hot Shots

Hot Shots - Tips and Tricks for Taking Better Pictures
By Kevin Meredith

Today more amateur photographers than ever before have the means to create incredible pictures. This hip primer proves that whether shooting with a film or digital camera, you don't need to invest in expensive photography equipment or have an art school degree to take amazing photographs. Whether readers are tired of disappointing snapshots or have just picked up a camera for the first time, Hot Shots teaches with a friendly tone, picture-perfect advice, fun tricks, and easy-to-understand text. Author, lomographer, and Flickr.com guru Kevin Meredith has created a must-have handbook for any aspiring photographer.

Published in January, 2009


Cécile Belmont

Cécile Belmont, an artist from Berlin, creates super clothing! Visit her website and discover more of her artistic work...



Renate Ikinger runs the lable kreativlink and creates books which are great to look at, lovely to touch and a joy to use. Each of her books is unique, carefully handmade with love and a lot of good vibrations!


Hello Japan!

Hi there, I just want to say: Goodbye Germany. I travel to Japan to stay for four weeks. Keep an eye on jodiijodii to see all the great Japanese things, I promise to photograph! I also prepared some posts, showing finds - books, articels, pictures - everything which catched my eyes. x Sophie
p.s. Buy this great tshirt here: www.idotjapan.etsy.com



Zweitracht is a young fashion label from Nuremberg, Germany, run by Carolin Paintner and Nina Nwaisser. The philosophy is, to bring tradition into future - cross-generational.



Celapiu, a label from Poland, offers surrealistic accessories and bags. Yesterday it snowed again - so, winter is not over yet... Keep yourself warm with one of those!


Lisa Stickley

Lisa Stickley is a graduate from both Central St. Martins and the Royal College of Art, UK. Her label Lisa Stickley London was set up in 2003. In november 2006 Lisa opened her first retail store in south-west London. Her main range consists of three categories, including kitchen and utility ware, fine bone china mugs and teapots, and laminated bags and purses in a range of quirky shapes and prints. Visit her great website:


5.5 designers

How to design a wallpaper without confronting a decorative vision?
More than a simple wall facing, they have created a range of expression surfaces. Surfaces that becomes an area for playing. Alone or with several people, try to find the labyrinth’s exit, the hidden words or challenge your partner(s) with the well known tic tac toe square. 5.5 designers is a design studio started up in 2003 by Vincent Baranger, Jean-Sébastien Blanc, Anthony Lebossé, and Claire Renard.


Helen Beard

Helen Beard is a ceramic artist from London. These swimmers are good...



Intricate, complex, fragile, resilient, coarse, smooth, bold and delicate – leaves are the true inspiration for Lotta Hellebergs creations at Inleaf. She is a Swedish native and graphic designer with a passionate interest in botany, gardening and sewing, who founded Inleaf in 2003. Her endeavor is truly a labor of love, from the first inspirational idea through the many steps that are attentively completed before the finished product is presented.

Visit her great website or look around in her Etsy shop:


The Danger Series

Plates showing distraught cyclists fleeing from a giant puppy,a polar bear sniffing a naturist lap dancer and a woolly mammoth taking an interest in yoga girl are not everyday themes but real life isn't always about pretty flowers and twittering birds. This new range of drawings produced on bone china plates explores the pitfalls of circumnavigating the globe looking for adventures. Let these plates be a warning!



schubLaden - new furniture with old drawers
schubLaden – meaning ´drawers´ in german – is a unique shop in Berlin and is devoted to the reuse of old unmated drawers. For schubLaden Franziska Wodicka designs uniquely beautiful furniture for your kitchen, bathroom, office, hallway and every other room. Each piece is unique with it‘s own story, signed and numbered.
Visit her shop: www.schubladen.de

We Are What We Do

Change the World for Ten Bucks
- Small Actions X Lots of People = Big Change
By We Are What We Do

Change the World for Ten Bucks delights and engages at every turn. It includes a postcard to send to someone who inspires you, two pages stuck together (don't throw your gum in the street!), tear-out tabs to make introductions to the neighbors, and dozens of other creative prompts for positive change. (Published in March, 2009)

We Are What We Do is a nonprofit organization in London with the goal of inspiring people to use their everyday actions to change the world. They have offices in Australia, Canada, and Germany. www.wearewhatwedo.org


Casa Josephine

What a beautiful holiday house in Spain. Charming upscale accommodation for a travel experience to the heart of Rioja Wine Region.

record the day

...she is always jotting things down, keeping images from magazines and scraps of whatever excites her fastened to record cards. They used to get left floating around in the bottom of her bag, occasionally deposited around the house or tidied away into drawers. (Who deoesn´t know what that's like...) This is where they would rest until she came across them again and actually decided to do something about whatever was saved or noted down... www.recordtheday.blogspot.com



Enna is a one woman business founded by Anne Wendlandt. Besides being a graphic designer and illustrator, she offers individually handcrafted items in her online shops and in her store in Hannover, Germany.

Annette Bugansky

Annette Bugansky, a designer-maker with a growing reputation for textured surface design. Her new work comprises a range of slip cast vases, tea lights, pendant light shades and table-ware including cups, plates, jugs and bowls. The result is a beautiful collection of textured surfaces fossilized into a time capsule for future generations to enjoy. You can buy these beautiful things (and much more...) at: www.loop.gb.com



Milchmädchen (Founder Irina Hultzsch) is a webshop and store in Hamburg, where you can find a great selection of young international designers, who are still close to the manufacturing of their products.

Store: Lehmweg 47 / 20251 Hamburg / Germany


Style, Naturally

Style, Naturally - The Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Fashion and Beauty
By Summer Rayne Oakes

Style meets substance in this lavishly illustrated, highly informative, and beautifully designed book on sustainable fashion and beauty.

Published in January, 2009

Watch the video:

repair, reuse, rethink

sell a surprising mix of vintage and new from a variety of sources - but they all share the qualities integral to their repair, reuse, rethink philosophy. One of their favourite things is to reuse unloved bits and pieces (small or large) that they find on their travels, and give them a new lease of life - it's thier version of recycling...

More information at: www.baileyshomeandgarden.com

Or visit their store Whitecross farm in Bridstow, UK. OHH, you lucky you...


Deborah Bowness

Deborah Bowness has been designing and handprinting wallpapers for seven years now. On her website you find a catalogue of her work and so much inspiration.

Cathy Cullis

Cathy Cullis is a textiles and mixed media artist - and also a published poet.... She enjoys working with mixed media and stitch, found materials such as printed words from old novels, yellowed papers, scraps of linen and cotton, threads and vintage buttons. Her works are 'visual poems' and are improvised, carefully constructed, considered.



The new DIY magazin CUT - Leute machen Kleider is available since March 4. Where? See their website: www.cut-magazine.com

Claire Coles

Claire’s collection of porcelain slip cast tea sets evoke a reminiscence to times forgotten, exploring the loss of the British tradition ‘afternoon tea’. Each cup and saucer is either intricately hand embroidered or inlaid with patterns of doilies and flocked wallpaper.
See more of her beautiful work, especially the wallpapers, at her website:


photography by knittknitt

knittknitt - a photographer from Neubrandenburg, Germany. Her photographs are just beautiful. Like a dream...

Charlene Mullen

Charlene Mullen is one of the industry´s leading conceptual textile designers. Her aim is to create modern design within a historical context. Inspiration can, and does, come from anywhere - from Victorian Christening gowns to prison tattoos. Nothing is taboo.



Material ConneXion®

The materials library Material ConneXion® that was built by George Beylerian in New York
in 1997 nowadays counts as a worldwide renowned information resource for new, trendsetting materials and converting processes. The library contains over 3,000 material samples divided into eight categories: polymers, glass, ceramics, carbon-based materials, cement-based materials, metals, natural materials and natural material derivatives. With offices in New York, Bangkok, Cologne, Daegu and Milan.



Zinober is a small company from Ravensburg, Germany. They manufacture great bags - of course by hand. See more of their new collection for 2009 online:


Marke Eigenbau

Revolt of the masses against mass production. A book about the revolution of handcrafting and how everything changes - work, production, consumption, marketing...

On their website, they collect ideas and products...


dTales is a porcelain collection that gives a different kind of view on things we thought we knew. The detail tells the story…


Beyond the Valley

It all started way back in 2004 when the very first Beyond the Valley store opened its doors to the public at 26 Ganton Street, London. Inspired by an old Hicktown Drugstore, the interior was quirky and creative, the perfect setting for the boutique developed for young designers to present their creativity, across the fashion, art, music and design genres.

2 Newburgh Street
London W1F 7RD
United Kingdom


Exhibition - Handwerk und Design

The idea behind this exhibition is to bring together outstanding work in the craft trades, fine arts and design under one roof and thus create an exciting overview of the latest trends in these fields.

11 to 17 March 2009
Wednesday till Tuesday
New Munich Trade Fair Centre
Hall A1

Ceramics transfers tutorial

I was asked how I did the plates below...ceramic screen printing. There is a very good explanation from Heather Moore (Skinny laMinx) online. Thank you Heather!
Enjoy! www.skinnylaminx.com

new old plates

I remade these six vintage plates with ceramic screen printing. Now available in my webshop at Dawanda!