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Come along...beautiful embroidered cushions, printed bed linen, snowflakes ***

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sunday morning breakfast with your valentine

This is a selection of five designs of my new porcelain set and a great selection of coffee mugs. There will be more coming...
The diameter of one plate is 24 cm. They are machine-washable. Now online at Etsy and Dawanda!


no waste of paper.

These little ones are made of my daily waste paper - fragil and adorable in your window... new at Dawanda and Etsy.


I´m blogging!

Welcome to my new blog. I was tired of my homemade out-of-date-html-website and decided to switch to a blog, which I can refresh easy every day without changing hundreds of html-documents...

I hope you will stop by from time to time to see what came out of my mind and which things catched my eyes.

cushions, cushions, cushions

Restoring enamel lamps

The vintage industrial lamp shades were found at flea markets and in antique shops. I restore them and give them some fresh colour and hopefully a new life in your home or office. The inside of the lamp shade is left original, so that you can see the traces of use.

The last snowflakes ?!

These delicate cushions are hand-embroidered. You can try it yourself and buy a embroidery kit. Nice work for long evenings on your sofa...

Send a piece of summer!

...also beautiful pieces to put into a picture frame.


Sleep well...

...in pure linen bed covers. hand-printed with birds, hearts, leaves, butterflies, words or anything you like...

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100% Cotton
100% Hand-printed
100% Ecology
100% Fancy

Combat the plastic bag!

Have a nice cup of tea.

I found this tea set in an antiques store in Leipzig. It is in a good condition and has 20 pieces - six dessert plates, six tea cups, six saucers, one sugar bowl and one milk jug.

I like it!


Send a message to your sweetheart

Recycled envelopes from old music notes and vintage atlases.

don´t worry, spring will come again!

hand-printed tablecloths ...