Interview with Hanna / hannafaktur

How/ When/ Why did you start out?
Since I was able to hold a screwdriver or scissors I was crafting, and after years of encouraging compliments from my friends I started my label 'Hannafaktur' in 2007 as a side-project beside my freelancing as a graphics-designer and other jobs like restocker in a supermarket.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
The most inspiring thing for me is daily life. It's crammed with small miracles... a cafe latte with milk froath looking like a unicorn, an old smiling lady with a light green dotted headscarf, a lost grocery list or just the contrast between the red marmelade on my bread and the green table.

Artists / designers
I like clean and cute designs, elementary expressions like minmal art or children drawings, and some vintage stuff which reminds me of my childhood.
Mostly, I adore the work of people I know personally, because I can see how their personality are corresponding with or through their art.

I like all music that makes your hips swing, your head nodd or singing uninhibited while having a shower..
Craftmagazine, Designsponge, Printandpattern, and many more.
All kind of books with pictures or poetic nonfiction, like descriptions of landscapes. And I'm obsessed with blankbooks.
I regularly read brand eins (an economy magazine) and effilee (a magazine about food and gastronomy). They both have a good layout, and the photos and illustrations are very neat.
What are your plans for the future?
These days I move into my first studio, and I'm excited how it will be to have an own place to work (up to now I worked in a corner of our home or in my father's workshop). I always want to try a thousand new things, but to be really good at something you have to invest lots of time. So I decided to do nearly the same things as last year -- in a new, fresh and better way: some bags, stamps, calendars, teatowels, some more hand-printing... stuff like that.

Thank you!

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Warnschild said...

I know her personally and have to say/confirm:

She's good at what she's doing (yes, she is - just take a look at her website!), what she does reflects her caracter as well and she's really into blankbooks (she even can't use most of them because she admires them too much to even dare)!