Mr et Mlle

She's coming from east, he's coming from South, they met on the benches of the school Pivaut in Nantes and obtain in 2006 their diplomas section design / interior architecture. Bénédicte goes naturally to an ecological, social and intelligent design; Jean-Marie pushes its ideas inspired by the photography, the urban and contemporary design. Both are Mr et Mlle.

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Ju Padilha said...

Hello you!!!
I´m not sure how I stoped here, but I loved your blog!!!
I believe you might like de things I do... headband (not sure if this is the word) made with satin streamer... I call then Charlottes...
if you have time, please visit my blog, it´s wrintting in portuguese (I´m from Brasil): www.jupadilha.blogspot.com
I wish you a very creativy New Year, with lots of colours!