Food Design

Graduated at the Design academy in Eindhoven in 2000, Marije Vogelzang set her mind on creating a new direction in the field of design. Starting Proef in 2004 in Rotterdam and expanding to Amsterdam in 2006, she broadens her experiments and develops her vision to design out of the verb of eating. After 10 years of experience she is concidered a pioneer and the ‘grand dame’ in the field of eating design (de Volkskrant).
In Proef (a creative design studio where food concepts are developed and executed) you can work relaxed at the big table, have a break in our herbs garden or cuddle one of the chickens if you’re sick and tired of the meeting you are in.
It is possible to marry in Proef, you can ask the civil servant to come to our studio!
When the sun is shining, you can eat outside or share a picknick at a nice place in the park. In the studio you can give a presentation while the fireplace is heated up. Meanwhile you can see the chefs create the most delicious meals and serve in the same space. They like to tell you more about the taste and the honest ingredients we work with. In Proef the food tells a story and we think it is important to think together with our clients. Food concepts are tailor made.

That sounds just wonderful to me...I hope, I can visit this place soon!

AND, there is a great book available: EAT LOVE

Don´t forget to visit their interesting and well designed website:

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